• Yakov Ben-Haim, 2006, Info-gap Decision Theory: Decisions Under Severe Uncertainty, 2nd edition, Academic Press, London.
    Chapter 3: Robustness and Opportuneness.
    … Section 3.2.7: Portfolio investment.
    … Section 3.3: Production volume with uncertain costs.
    Chapter 9: Coherent Uncertainties and Consensus.
    … Section 9.3: Principal-agent contract bidding.
    Chapter 11: Robust-Satisficing Behavior.
    … Section 11.1: The Ellsberg paradox.
    … Section 11.2: The Allais paradox.
    … Section 11.3: Info-gap analysis of expected-utility risk aversion.
    … Section 11.5: The equity premium puzzle: A solution.

  • Yakov Ben-Haim, 2009,¬†Info-gap forecasting and the advantage of sub-optimal models, European Journal of Operational Research, 197: 203-213. pdf file. Click here for a link to EJOR.
  • Yakov Ben-Haim, Info-gap demand theory, working paper.¬†pdf file
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